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The community leader of The Relentless Vibez breathwork and healing community. I am a mother of 4, nurse of 7+ years , oracle, Breathwork Coach and host of the Relentless Rants podcast.

My Journey

Since I was a child I have always had a burning desire to help others. During my nursing career I have cared for a variety of patients ranging from the elderly, mental illness, dementia, drug abuse, and physical disabilities. My journey is not unique. I was raised by a single mother. My home was fatherless, loveless, and hopeless. Through self-awareness and different healing modalities, I began self-healing my way through childhood trauma, toxic relationships, drug abuse, and self-limiting beliefs.

About My Community

The Relentless Vibez community is a new community for those that are ready to self-heal while learning how to integrate spirituality & breathwork into their daily routines, operate in confidence & better support the people they care about. This is the only community where you will have the opportunity for time with me to tap into my exclusive breathwork coaching sessions, healing circles, events, & much more from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet, or computer, anytime, anywhere.

Relentless Rants

We share experiences and ideas around inspiration, healing, breathwork, meditation, and personal and spiritual development to support your own expansion and healing.

My New Book “GET UP”

#1 International Best-seller on Amazon

When life obstacles, tragedies, and disappointments arise in life it’s natural to want to give up. These stories were written to encourage you to not only get back up but to thrive, overcome, and soar beyond your life circumstances to live your best life despite hard times. Bad things will happen in life. No one is exempt but it’s how you take your power back. Life is unpredictable but we can control how we turn pain into purpose and a test into a testimony.

We decide how the story will continue for the next chapter in our life. This book will help you shift your mindset to turn everything negative into a positive as a stepping stone to win. Get ready to be inspired to heal from the past to transform your present. Learn strategies to fight back with power, strength, and faith.

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